This game is a 2d platform jump and run game, inspired by the game "super meat boy". when you jump, the platform under your feets will disappear so that you have to make the level in one run. The goal of each level is to reach the yellow star. There are 3  levels/screens.

Controls: left/right arrow = move left/right, up arrow = jump

according to the GMTK Game Jam 2019 - topic "only one", the player  has to complete each level in only one run, and the game design (block and background)  are in only one color with different brightness levels.

Maybe you already noticed, that the background image and the used colors for the background and the blocks are randomly generated each time you load the page.

The game was made with only javascript , using the html canvas- tag to display the game. code/graphics made by myself. 


  • used: Notepad++ / Chrome / / BFXR
  • main music: Virtual Self - Eon Break (Sad Meal Remix)

Install instructions

should work with every browser which support html5


Download 3 MB


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The main mechanic is interesting. Levels are at some points slightly frustrating, but i think the overall level design is really good

thanks for your feedback :)